Architectural Design

Architecture is a powerful instrument that has been and will continue to shape the built world around us. It is the tool that has given nations the ability to showcase their strength and identity through monuments. Through architecture, architects can create artifacts that naturally impact our daily lives; from our immediate experiences in our homes and work environments, extended all the way to streets and spaces within the cities we live in.

We aim to adapt the broad impact of architecture to every project respective to their size and scope in their own unique way. Many factors influence the design process, such as, clients’ visions, functionality, aesthetics, budget, timeline, location, etc. which are all coordinated properly leading to a successful project. Our team is dedicated to bringing all these elements together under one umbrella and resolving the challenges through innovation and collaboration. Various concepts in architecture provide the appropriate tools and inspiration to achieve balance between form and function. This process allows us to continuously utilize architecture as the relying source throughout a project from start to finish before it is even built.

Basic Architectural Design services include:

  • Feasibility study, SWOT, TIMTOWTDI and Option Analysis studies
  • Budget evaluation including Life Cycle & Whole Life Building Costs
  • Building code review and consultation
  • Master-planning and Programming
  • Project management and construction administration


  • Client consultation
  • Site & Interior design concepts
  •  Development of design standards and guidelines


  • Building system design with consulting engineers
  • Detailed Quantity Survey and review with client
  • Presentation of Final Design
  • Permit applications and meeting with jurisdictional authorities


  • Working drawings and specifications production
  • Owner review and approval of tender documents


  • Submissions and bid evaluation/analysis
  • Award of contract


  • On-site construction review, inspection and administration through to substantial completion and owner occupancy
  • Shop drawing review
  • Contract administration to process Notice of Change/Change Orders, Field Instructions and authorize approval of progress

Our Services


Designing any project, small or large, requires a broad range of knowledge, expertisea and attention to detail. This is a complex process that requires a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary vision of the project. This process involves a sequence of closely related stages that form the outcome of a project.



We specialize in providing design, engineering and drafting services to industrial, commercial, residential and retails projects, you can ensure your HVAC systems provide the right temperature and humidity control, to guarantee comfort and indoor air quality for the occupants in your building.


Team of qualified plumbing engineers is experienced in providing a range of plumbing engineering services for multiple types of plumbing engineering design project to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector that you need assistance with.



Structures differ in form, proportion and function, however the core engineering elements that are consistent throughout are strength and stability. These components, together, ensure occupants’ safety in any built environment.


Delivering enough power and operating safely are basic requirements for all electrical installations. However, electrical engineers also recommend the use of energy efficiency measures. While these measures may increase the initial cost of your electrical systems,

Sprinkler/ Fire Protection

We make fire protection and life safety a focal point in all designs. When applied early in design, life saving features such as fire sprinklers, detection, fire alarms and mass notification, smoke exhaust, high expansion foam, and clean agent chemical extinguishing systems can allow for cost savings in other areas of construction.

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