5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring An Architect!!

An architect can help you build your dream home, or renovate an existing one to transform it into an ideal oasis for you and your family. Choosing the right architect for your project is essential, as they are one of the most impactful people in the construction process. Before moving forward, consider the following five things to ensure you hire the best architect.

Architects have licensed specialists who are certified and qualified to design and advise on buildings’ technical and aesthetic aspects in Ontario. You must first discuss the project with them so that they can provide drawings, plans, and cost estimates. 

When choosing an architect, remember that they will manage the construction project from start to finish. This includes budgeting, selecting materials, and overseeing the workers. A good architect can save you much time and hassle down the road.

It’s a good idea to start with some guiding criteria to help with your decision-making process. So, we put together a quick list of essential considerations and best practices before hiring any architect.

1. Understanding the Experts

When considering hiring an architect, it’s important to understand that they will bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and that you should be open to their suggestions. Having a clear understanding of what you want for the final results will help, but being open to professional suggestions will create a smooth path to successful project completion.

2. What is the timeline for the project?

It’s important to agree on a realistic timeline for the project. You and the architect should have an honest conversation about delays and how the architect plans to stick to the timeline.

3. Create a Budget Beforehand.

It is important to have your budgetary requirements set when hiring an architect to avoid delays or confusion. Discuss these requirements with the architect and ask if they can work within them. Determine where you draw limits and how the project will be paid out. Have realistic expectations about the project’s time, as this can affect the budget.

4. How open is the architect to your inputs and feedback?

If you prefer to be more involved in the design of your home, it is essential to ask the architect beforehand if they are open to suggestions from clients. Unwelcome inputs by the client can sometimes lead to differences and friction, so it is always best to tell the architect beforehand how involved you would like to be in the project’s design, and to know their views on client involvement.

5. Get a Feasibility Report Beforehand 

Before starting a project, always get a feasibility report. This report will give you an idea of the cost, construction site problems, and any complexities associated with the construction process. Discuss budget requirements with your architect to avoid confusion or delays. It is also important to know where the thresholds are and how the project is to be paid for. Remember to have realistic expectations for how long the project will last, as this can affect your budget.